Monday, May 11, 2009


I tried to answer every question asked in mails so far but got to the point where it's just too time consuming, and I thought this FAQ might help.

What programs do you use?

I use Fraps (to capture), Wowmodelviewer and World of Warcraft (that's where I film in) and Adobe Photoshop and Premiere (to edit). Sony Vegas appears to be just as good as Premiere btw. Some other programs I used once or twice are Wowmapviewer, Particle Illusion and CrazyTalk.

How did you attach the wings to the bloodelves?

I didn’t really attach them to the chars but filmed the wings separately in the modelviewer and made them move with the chars by hand.

Where did you find the band in Wowmodelviewer?

All the band models can be found in the folder named “band” under “creatures”.

What’s the name of the song in the video XY?

All the songs used in my videos are listed in the credits. An exception is the song in the end credits of Route 440, it’s called "Crush" by Paul Van Dyk. I forgot to mention that one in the video, my bad.

Can you make a movie to my rap song?

Nope sorry. I work on other projects at the moment and rap isn’t really my prefered choice of music (with very few exceptions).

On what World of Warcraft server are you playing?

I played on Terrordar EU. I stopped playing when my main char hit level 80 though. I have some other chars on different servers, but for filming only.

What’s your char’s name?

On Terrordar I have 4 chars:

Wildmoon, female bloodelf warlock, lvl 80
Legs, female troll shaman, lvl 72
Lísa, female undead mage, lvl 71
Atalanta, female orc hunter, lvl 70

Wildmoon appears in every movie I made (not always as warlock tho), Legs in a few.

Why did you choose such a weird artist name?

Temporary mental disorder. It is the name of my very first WoW char and when I started to make videos (only for my guild at first and not exactly machinima) I just stuck with that.