Saturday, August 1, 2009

Blizzcon and stuff

Some days ago Cranius and I finished the video for the machinima contest at Blizzcon. It features a new and very cool song created by Cranius.

Two very nice and patient players helped us with some acting, Cranius directed the scenes and I filmed the whole thing. As always we had a lot of fun creating the scenes and putting them together to the hilarious music video that came out.

No spoilers about the content here. The only thing I can tell is that this video will show an original World of Warcraft experience made by every player who ever decided to play on a PvP server ;)

I passed on using any Wowmodelviewer tricks, background changes in Photoshop or other fancy stuff, which was quite a challenge. It's all about showing a typical aspect of the real game in a hopfully very entertaining, authentic and original way.

We will release the movie after Blizzcon, i.e. end of August.

Until then I'm gonna enjoy the summer. Imagine me sitting under a tree, listening to some music, reading a book or writing a story, far away from any screen and "Unknown error". That's the plan.

Btw... I'm gonna be at Blizzcon :)