Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Remember Big Blue Dress?

Cranius finally published the song on his new album, together with "Darrowshire", "Don't Make Me Get My Main" and other WoW related songs. Check it out :)

Big Blue Dress on Amazon

Big Blue Dress on iTunes

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Don't Make Me Get My Main

I must admit, somewhere between the awesome costume contest and the catching striptease dance contest at Blizzcon I fell asleep in my chair. I couldn't believe it when I suddenly heard that well known song by Cranius filling the huge hall, together with the laughter and screaming of the people surrounding me. We won first prize and the audience went crazy watching our video.

I haven't been able to see and hear the reaction of an audience that big upon one of my videos until then, and it was an amazing experience. Neither Cranius nor I could get rid of that big grin in our faces for quite some time. So, to everyone who was there: Thank you! You really made my day :)

Here's the movie featuring Cranius' song "Don't Make Me Get My Main":

Also a big GZ to X-cross who won the grand prize with his hilarious movie about the fate of a cute "Don't take candle" family. I laughed so hard! But see for yourself: