Tuesday, April 14, 2009

In For A Penny – Part 2 (by Selserene)

My dear friend and collegue Selserene has finally finished In For A Penny – Part 2 "The Thorne of Rose Street". Previous movies of the IFAP series are:
In For A Penny – Prologue
In For A Penny – Part 1 "On All Eight"

Selserene is one of the top machinima creators to be found on the net. Her movies are special, incredibly stylish and with so much love for details, that you can watch them countless times still finding new stunning things you weren’t aware of before.

The IFAP series are chapters of a thrilling story of love, lies and intrigue. Thayle, a charismatic (and definitely straight) male bloodelf, who is being hunted by the law for the murder of the Chief of police, tries to find a way to clear his name. The singer Leda, his secret lover and only witness of his innocence, has her own ways to deal with things, and not even Thayle himself is able to see what is going on behind those beautiful eyes of his girl. Leda is by far not the only mysterious person in this film noir, and as the story proceeds more and more hints are to be discovered by the viewer.

The voice acting for Leda (Selserene) and Thayle (Cranius) is outstanding and the music choice as well as the sound design fits very well.

I was stunned when I got to watch part two and am excited to see how the story will develop further.

See for yourself:

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  1. She does it so good with the different emotes o.O. I just love it.