Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Dragon*Con 2010

This year's Dragon*Con is opening soon (September 3–6, 2010).
Don't make me get my main and Achmed the dead terrorist will both be shown in the Machinima Comedy part. And though Achmed would be nothing without Jeff Dunham's jokes, and "Get my main" would be nothing without Cranius' song and hilarious story, I'm still a bit proud myself that the videos are shown there. May those two awesome men forgive me for that :)

Here's the time range and place in which the two videos will be on the big screen:

When: 8:30-10pm Saturday, September 4th
Where: Sheraton Hotel, Savannah Room (MMO Track room)

And here's a link to the Dragon*Con site: http://dragoncon.org/